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Dental x-rays provide a picture of what's happening in areas we normally cannot see. Early decay, impacted teeth, abscesses and bone loss from gum disease are all things that dental x-rays reveal. An OPG X-ray is essential to have an overall assessment of the entire mouth area, showing the teeth and gums on both upper and lower jaws. They are a good screening tool and help show any abnormal growths or cysts in the jaw bone.

Intraoral-Digital Cameras


An image that speaks a thousand words. By offering your patient the opportunity to see what you are seeing, he will immediately understand the necessity of the treatment. There will no longer be any need to convince him. By showing the area to be treated, you will be able to keep your patient informed and involved in oral health matters. The patient is no longer only “subjected” to treatment. He understands what you are doing and why you are doing it. Through improved and more frequent communication, you will form a confident and close relationship with your patients.

Digital X-Rays

By optimizing exposure times, we can reduce the radiation to which patients are exposed by 95% compared with conventional film.

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